Arkansas Razorbacks Football Unveils Commemorative Jersey to Honor Legendary Coach

The Arkansas Razorbacks football program has introduced a commemorative jersey to pay tribute to their legendary late coach, Frank Broyles. The special edition jersey will be worn during a highly anticipated game of the 2021 season, allowing players and fans to honor the significant contributions made by Broyles to the Razorbacks’ success.

The commemorative Arkansas Razorbacks Football Jersey features a white background with cardinal red numbers outlined in black. The front of the jersey proudly displays Coach Frank Broyles’ name in bold, capital letters, symbolizing his enduring impact on and off the field. To further honor Broyles, each player’s jersey will bear a patch with the Razorbacks’ hog logo and Broyles’ initials.

The helmet design for this special game is equally poignant, featuring Broyles’ initials alongside the Razorbacks’ hog logo. The players will wear white pants with a cardinal red stripe down the side, symbolizing unity and representing the Razorbacks with pride.

In addition to wearing these commemorative jerseys, the Arkansas Razorbacks will also hold a pre-game ceremony to honor Frank Broyles and his tremendous legacy. This ceremony will serve as an opportunity for players, coaches, alumni, and fans to reflect on the impact that Coach Broyles had on the Razorbacks’ program and to celebrate his extraordinary achievements.

The commemorative jersey represents the Razorbacks’ commitment to honoring their rich history and paying tribute to iconic figures who have inspired generations of players. This special game will undoubtedly be a heartfelt and memorable occasion for all connected to the Arkansas Razorbacks.