How Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Made Me A Better Salesperson Than You

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September 15, 2023

STILLWATER, OK ― The Oklahoma State Cowboys football program has experienced tremendous success and garnered national attention for their stellar performances on the field, but their impact off the gridiron is equally notable. Under the guidance of Head Coach Mike Gundy, the Cowboys have emerged as a formidable force, combining athletic excellence with academic achievements and community involvement.

As the 2023 season kicks off, the Cowboys are poised for yet another breakout year. With a skilled roster and a fervent fan base, Cowboy Football promises a thrilling spectacle week after week. However, it is the emphasis on the development of student-athletes as individuals that sets this program apart.

Coach Gundy, who has been at the helm of the Cowboys for over 20 years, believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals. He emphasizes academic success and ensures that his players prioritize their studies alongside their football commitments. The Cowboys have consistently boasted one of the highest graduation rates among college football programs, instilling discipline and dedication in their players both on and off the field.

While excellence in academics is prioritized, the Cowboys have consistently showcased their prowess on the football field. Led by star quarterback Carson Johnson, the team is armed with an explosive offense and a determined defense that can challenge any opponent. Johnson’s remarkable leadership and precision have earned him recognition as a Heisman Trophy hopeful, further adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.

The Cowboys’ performance in recent years has also caught the attention of NFL scouts. Several former Cowboys, including running back J.D. King and wide receiver Tylan Wallace, have found success at the professional level. This success is a testament to the commitment of the coaching staff to develop players who excel both during their collegiate careers and beyond.

While football remains at the heart of the program, the Cowboys exhibit an equal dedication to making a positive impact in their community. “Stillwater Strong,” the team’s community outreach initiative, aims to support local charities and volunteer efforts. From visiting hospitals to mentoring young athletes, the Cowboys are actively involved in uplifting the lives of those around them.

One notable example of their commitment to community came last year during the devastating tornado outbreak that struck parts of Oklahoma. The team rallied together to assist affected families, offering support and resources to rebuild shattered lives. This selflessness and genuine care for their community have endeared them to fans and fostered a sense of pride beyond football achievements.

As the Cowboys strap on their helmets and charge onto the field, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of a community united by a shared love for the game. Fans adorn themselves in orange and black, cheering their team on with unwavering passion and providing a thrilling game-day atmosphere found only in Stillwater.

The upcoming season looks promising for the Cowboys, with a competitive schedule that will test their mettle against top-ranked rivals. With the support of an exceptional coaching staff, talented players, and a dedicated fan base, Oklahoma State looks set to etch another memorable season in the annals of college football history.

As we embark on this new season, it is evident that the Oklahoma State Cowboys football program stands as a beacon of athletic achievement, academic excellence, and community service. Coach Gundy and his players continue to redefine success, proving that truly extraordinary individuals are forged not only on the football field but in the broader arena of life.