Washington Huskies unveils new football jersey for the 2022 season

In an exciting announcement, the Washington Huskies football team revealed their new Washington Huskies Football Jersey design for the upcoming 2022 season. The revamped jersey features a modern and sleek look, showcasing the team’s vibrant purple and gold colors.

The front of the jersey proudly displays the iconic “W” logo, symbolizing the team’s commitment to excellence and their drive to bring glory back to the Huskies. The back of the jersey showcases the player’s name and number, emphasizing the importance of individual contributions within the team.

Head coach, Chris Petersen, expressed his excitement for the new jerseys, stating, “The new design perfectly captures the spirit of our program. Our players will wear these jerseys with pride, knowing they represent a tradition of excellence and a legacy of greatness.”

The Washington Huskies football team is eager to hit the field wearing their fresh jerseys, ready to make a statement in the highly competitive Pac-12 conference.